How it Works

Vacation Me is a fun way for everyone to earn a dream vacation. Become a member for free and start earning by posting your favorite personal video or story (s).

Partnering with our advertisers each member can earn money by views and through donations. (Minimum donation by credit card is $5.00 + any applicable card transaction fee)

Another way for members to earn is by viewing fellow member’s video (s) and earning 1 point credit per view towards their own vacation goal.

Share your video (s) with your other social media accounts and gain faster exposure and earnings for your vacation goal.

You will have 5 months to book your trip through Vacation Me. All available account balance funds and points will be applied to your trip.

If after 5 months you haven’t earned enough to meet your initial vacation goal you may “reset” Continue to post videos and earning donations and points towards your vacation.

If you decide to cancel your membership with Vacation Me prior to reaching your vacation goal or before 5 months there is an early termination fee of 20% applied to any account balance. The remaining account balance less points will be credited to your credit card on file within 3– 5 business days.